Trolley M1 Pay Car on Ft. Pitt Blvd. in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, May 4, 1948

M1 was built by the Pullman Palace Car Company in 1890

In 1897, most businesses paid their employees in cash, and the United Traction Company of Pittsburgh was no exception. That year, they converted this 1890 passenger car to a traveling payroll car. When the city's major trolley companies were combined to form Pittsburgh Railways Company in 1902, this important car continued its vital schedule of regular visits to all the car houses to pay all the employees. It featured security provisions to protect both the money and the armed men who disbursed it

M1 was the first car acquired for the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, purchased by the founding members in 1949 shortly after the cash payroll system was discontinued. It is one of the oldest electric cars in existence at any museum

Photographer: Unknown
From the collection of: Archy McNally