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Welcome to Jake's Collectables. We are all about the imagery of the Legendary Pittsburgh Railways PCC (President Conference Committee) cars. From 1936 to 1999 these legendary streetcars rolled through the streets of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Lets say you lived in Castle Shannon and needed a way to work at the J&L mills in the South Side...grab a streetcar...had the need to go shopping at Gimbel's or meet a friend under Kaufmann's clock...grab a streetcar...if you just had a need to get somewhere perhaps visit a friend or relative in Dormont, Wilkinsburg or West View...grab a streetcar. The PCC was a way of life for those who lived in and around Pittsburgh. The PCC's were....lets face it....just plain beautiful and loaded with character.

At one time there were over 600 PCC's rolling over 600 miles of track. Today that 600 miles of track is a meager 25 miles and the PCC's were replaced by the more modern LRV's. But they have not been forgotten and Jake's Collectables offers a PCC Photo CD or PCC Photo Prints to keep the Legendary PCC alive through their imagery. Get yours today don't delay!

  • PCC Photo CD (50 scans) only $9.99
  • PCC Photo Prints 8x10 only $8.99 each

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