1. He told people that "if they paid any money in on their stock they did so at their own risk" and that he did not have the Treasurer's bond, when he had it all the time, approved at a previous meeting, and carelessly laid it among the monthly reports.

  2. As president of both the P&CS and the PCS&W he built about 3/4 mile of track on P&CS property and continued on with the PCS&W, the P&CS paying for spikes and other things, hauling iron, providing use of rolling stock, and in every way helping the new Company to build their road, until claims were over $7,000. After the track was laid to 40 inch gauge, he led a gang of men on the Sabbath day, while they threw one of our locomotives over a bank, then changed the gauge to 36 inch so we could not use it; all while he was filling the position of president of this road.

  3. Hayes has done all this and will not pay the P&CS for work done and still draws his salary. In a word, there is no possible way in his power that he can injure this company, that he is not pursuring day after day, and yet indeed he continues to claim to be president of this railroad under a salary. Hayes has taken the P&CS road, built an independent road to the city (Pittsburgh), then after using ours under the promise of greatly increased business he cuts loose from this road, and takes the business away, and will not even pay the P&CS for the spikes and freight carried for the construction of his new road. . .