The Legendary
Pittsburgh Railways PCC
CD No. 6

Fifty scans on Compact Disk. That's right 50 high quality scans for the Low Low price of just $9.99. This is for sure an incredible offer!

Thumbnails below are without modifications and just as they appear on the CD

The Important Stuff
  • Each scan is from an Original Kodachrome Slide in TIFF file format....Makes great 8x10 prints!
  • Scans have not been modified in any way. They are just as they came from the scanner without modifications. This way you can adjust them in any way, shape or form to fit your needs. Some may need the sharpness adjusted, some may need the colors tweaked a tad, some may need to be brightened up a bit, and some will not need any adjustments. Not to fear only minor adjustments will be needed which any good Image Management System such as Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 can handle the job!
  • Each CD contains all the relevant PCC information in PDF file..Car number, date and location!
  • Free Shipping within the USA & Canada via the USPS....How incredible is that!
  • Free Insurance....How incredible is that!
  • Payment via PayPal....It's fast, free and secure!

Dont Miss Out On This One
  • 50 scans on a CD.What an incredible offer for the low low price of just $9.99....That's less than $.20 cents a scan!
  • With these scans you can make your own incredible 8x10 photos for less than $1.50 per photo....Now that is incredible!
  • Starting prices for just one (1) 8x10 Pittsburgh Railways PCC photo on ebay vary from $5.00 to $7.00 to $9.99 to as much as $14.99.
  • Free Shipping & Insurance....How incredible is that!
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